What we do

We believe in ourselves

Our Professional Services target Internet Professionals in different business areas with focus on data, domains and hosting
With around 300 professional clients around the world buying data, ip addresses, hosting and drop catching domains, Polarbear.partners supply them with business critical services and solutions in all different ways to meet their needs. Always in a professional way.
Our companies

Internet vikings
Provide Internet professionals with services within Domain Software, SEO Hosting, Diversified IPs and Internet Data. Currently holding +50.000 domains, +160 000 IPs, clients in 20 countries and drop catching covering 15 TLD:s.
Aplexa sets a new standard for mobile app development. This means a smarter technology, better customer communication and corporate culture. We help all type of organizations all over the world realize their mobile app ideas.
Aquros mission is to reduce costs and improve quality by streamlining the process for mobile app development. We also provide secure mobile backend services (MBaaS). Based on innovation and market-leading technology, we strive to deliver an industry-leading Mobile App Development Platform (MADP).
Holm Security
Holm Security make first-class vulnerability assessment available to everyone by taking vulnerability assessment into the next generation as a cloud service. We make your security easy and cost-predictable, allowing for first-tier protection without a first-tier price tag. Plus, we can offer you a platform that anyone can use. Skill level, organization size, and budget are no longer obstacles to effective security.
Wincher helps you keep track on keywords at Google. You can also keep an eye on your competitors, generate PDF reports, ranking history in graphs, easy sharing, and a lot more. All this for just €6/month. The worlds best priced Google rank tracker!